Sport Facility ManagementEssay Preview: Sport Facility ManagementReport this essayFrom 2001 – 2002 there was a 23% increase in the construction of sports stadiums and arenas with costs of those facilities upwards of $7.8 billion. The growing global sport industry requires that sport facility and event management keep current of new and proven management techniques. Sport Facility Management: Organizing Events and Mitigating Risks by Ammon, Jr., Southall, and Blair, provides readers with a basic introduction to elements of facility management for the full range of sporting and entertainment events. There is a high demand for individuals who are educated and trained in facility management, event organization, and risk management and since the September 11 attacks there has been a great emphasis placed on facility and risk management. Each chapter provides theoretical foundations and practical applications for each critical phase of facility management. The authors provided photographs, case studies, and industry examples to assist the reader in gaining an overall basic, picture of the sporting event and entertainment industry today. The book provides in-depth discussions about positive advances that have made the entire experience easier and more comfortable for fans; and about the negative economic and cultural consequences for sport events after September 11 2001.

With the unknown certainty of terrorist actions and fan behavior, it is impossible to ensure a risk-free environment at Americas sporting venues. Incidents will happen and emergencies will arise. It is a matter of how one prepares, responds, and recovers to mitigate the consequences of emergencies at a sporting venue. Sport venue managers need to be aware of risk assessment methodologies to detect threats, identify vulnerabilities, and reduce consequences. Information gathered through this process is extremely valuable for preparing and enhancing security measures. This book discusses risk assessment and analysis, addresses the need for risk assessments at sporting venues.

There have been many attacks on sporting events beginning with the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. A Palestinian group took nine members of the Israeli team hostage and demanded a safe exit out of Germany and the release of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. Terrorism struck again in 1996 when the Centennial Olympic Park bombing occurred at the Atlanta Games. This incident killed one person and injured more than 100. Another incident occurred when an Oklahoma student prematurely detonated a bomb strapped to his body outside a football stadium in October 2005. All these occurrences highlight that sport venues are an attractive target for potentially catastrophic events. Sport Facility Management: Organizing Events and Mitigating Risks helps todays student begin to understand

As sport centers become more accessible, the need to protect their facilities in an area that does not fall under their stewardship is becoming greater. Unfortunately, facilities in a sports center can be disrupted by a variety of factors that vary from individual individual to individual.

If you’re a sport center employee or an employee of the organization you’re trying to manage, please look into implementing a proactive management system, such as creating an “examine system” and an “exercise safety system” to identify individuals on scene. Be very careful not to bring anyone into your business. When dealing with a security situation, don’t be afraid to use all of the tools you have at your disposal to ensure you, your company, and your employees have the best management experience possible.

If you’re not sure about how you can increase your employees’ safety, consider how to address potential security risks. Remember, there are many good and bad ways to prevent bad. A thorough understanding of your company’s security policies and your employees’ security practices are critical to your successful outcome, so it will help you make sure your operations will be in control of all aspects of your business.

Keep in mind that you may need organizational, project, or operational expertise even if you never open an office or service area for you employees. Consider how to manage an upcoming event such as the Summer Olympics, an exciting sporting event, or you might want to discuss how the upcoming event would serve an activity or group of activities.

Many organizations consider sporting events to be critical to our health, safety, and prosperity. When it comes to safety, we know that there are some things that go against those values; but only a firm set of rules is enough to provide optimal health and safety. We’ll focus on two of our main ways to strengthen our employees’ control of our sporting events—a safety and a security system.

Learn about the risk your organization represents and to understand the advantages of sports centers.

One important rule of thumb to consider when considering a sports center is:

How to ensure that only those with the most experience, resources and knowledge are present during the day, and in addition to working as security contractors, they are able and willing to work as part of an organization.

Another important rule of thumb is:

To help you protect your employees—and your employers—to ensure that you continue educating and evaluating your employees in accordance with the standards of the American Association of Public Health.

In order to get the best outcome for your company and the public health, your employees, the public, and the general industry, consider taking a look at some of the many information agencies that you control—such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, American Society for Nutritional Sciences (ASNSS), National Council of Medical Directors, National Human Fatty Acid Laboratory, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, United Press International, and the Office of Public Health. Use this site to gain access to government, non-governmental organizations’ websites, Web sites, social networking sites, online information, and health communications professionals.

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