Report on the Evaluation of Food Bank to Be Selected for Receiving the Rotaract Charity Fund
Essay Preview: Report on the Evaluation of Food Bank to Be Selected for Receiving the Rotaract Charity Fund
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[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]Report on the evaluation of Food Bank to be selected for Receiving the Rotaract Charity FundIntroductionIn order to support a food bank in Hong Kong, our committee would like to select a few non-profits making organizations. The aim of this report is to explains the basic functions of a food bank, give the information about the demand for food banks in Hong Kong and evaluate a potential food bank which is Food4All were conducted in the Hong Kong.MethodologyTo collect date, the following primary and secondary researches were carried out. The website of information extracted from Global Food Banking Network was researched to know more about basic functions of a food bank. Moreover, the website of Food Bank demand expansion services was also visited to investigate. About the demand of grassroots people is very large. Furthermore, a research on Food4All conducted by Ian Kwan was studied to find out the operation and track records.FindingsAccording to the Global Foodbank Network’s website, the basic functions of food bank are as follows. First, food is donated. The donors are come from restaurants, food manufacturers and retailers. They will be collected edible of surplus. For example, closing to expiry date and incorrect labelling will be collected. Then, the edible of surplus was stored at food bank. Which will be inspected, sorted and packed for the edible of surplus. After that, food bank will be distributed to agencies. The agencies with partners were to food bank of form a network to distribute food. Finally, it will give to those in need, such as low-income group, individuals on social assistance and so on.

As for the demand for food bank in Hong Kong, the website of food bank expansion services was researched to obtain the following details. Nowadays, Hong Kong people is facing high inflation and rent. Food banking services was increased significantly. As at the end of May this year. The Food and Banking Bureau has supported a total of more than 120,000 people. In order to provide the assistance to those in need. Government suggested that food bank provided edible to grassroots people. Government will be extended the food bank for six to eight weeks in October of this year. In addition, it is proposed that the total number of service plans will be increased from five to seven in the next two months about the food bank. Therefore, the demand for food bank in Hong Kong is very huge and impatient.Moreover, the largest Food4All in Hong Kong is food bank. With regard to the study by research, two aspects namely operation, Food4All provides 13 community kitchens in Hong Kong and more than 20 partnering agencies. It offers 20 employees and more than 100 volunteers. Also, Food4All was provided regular food programmers and campaigns. However, there are some occasional problems lack of food supply like drinks, snacks.Concerning the track records, Food4All was provided more than 17000 marls in last year. It is the highest number among food banks in Hong Kong. But the Food4All was 5 to 6 food poisoning incidents reported in past five years. Therefore, the commonly chosen Food4All has both strengths and weaknesses.

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