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Why Did the European Settlers Come to the Americas?
Joshua ChoiMr. PayneAP Composition and Language8 December 2015Why did the European Settlers Come to the Americas?        Many settlers came to the Americas in search of a better life. The settlers from Europe migrated to America because of personal problems and problems in the government. Because of these problems in Europe, European settlers sought to amend these flaws by creating a new government for themselves. Many of these changes can be seen in works of literature in the book Collections. Thus, European settlers came to the Americas to achieve political and religious freedom, escape persecution, and gain glory and gold..        European settlers came to America in search of freedom of political freedom. Such freedom from politics can be seen in the historical account “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford when Bradford writes “Having undertaken… utno a Civil Body Politic… to enact, constitute and frame such just and equal Laws”(14). Because Bradford wrote this in his Mayflower Compact, it implies that the right to have equal laws was hindered in Europe. Bradford specifically wanted equal laws because he had the ability to make any law he wanted. It would only make sense that he would put in a law that he deemed fair and just, which was not apparent in Europe. In addition to wanting political freedom, European settlers advocated for religious freedom. The settlers left on the Mayflower to voyage to the Americas for freedom to practice a sect of Puritanism called Sectionalism. At this time, the Church of England existed, thus monopolizing the religion and unrelenting to any other religion. Therefore, these settlers wanted to move away to a land where there would be no ruler to command their religion. Thus, the European settlers moved to the Americas.

Another reason why European settlers moved to the Americas is to start a second life. In The Tempest , a drama written by William shakespeare, Prospero talks about how “I know not how much tribute should presently extirpate me and mine out of the dukedom”(80). When prospero says that he was extirpated out of his dukedom, he was implying that the title was taken away from him. Prospero had no power over the decision, so when he was exiled off to an island, he had no choice but to start from scratch and build himself up. This can relate to the settlers because they were also constantly betrayed by the upper class by having to pay taxes when they were poor. Thus, the settlers left Europe to start anew and be prosperous. In addition to starting a second life, the settlers also wanted to forget the bad times in Europe. In the short story ”Balboa” by Sabina Murray, Balboa states that “He as never been so grateful for the company… not even when he… was escaping from creditors, wrapped in a sail”(80). When Balboa says this, it shows that he was grateful to be on the ship and away from Europe. He know that the Americas was the land of the hope, so he would be able to have a new life. With a new life, he would be able to be successful and have dignity.         Last but not least, European settlers came to the Americas because of glory and gold. In Murray’s short story, she notes that Balboa “…brings glory by being the first to claim this great [Pacific] ocean for Spain”(80). Balboa, while trying to escape prison, also searched for glory in America. He wanted to bring glory for himself and spain. With the glory of an ordinary man discovering something, his population would rise and he would become successful. That chance of becoming someone in the world was what drove European settlers to the Americas for glory. Settlers also came for gold. In the poem “New Orleans” by Joy Harjo, she talks about “Desoto… his bones sunk like the golden treasure he trampled half the earth to find, came looking for gold cities”(98). When Desoto is talking about gold ciied, he is talking about El Dorado, the city of gold. This implies that Desoto and other settlers who were infatuated with gold  came to the Americas because of gold. Once gold was found, the settlers would settle and live in the Americas. Thus, their ambition to become successful was a driving force for immigration.

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