European Imperialism Dbq Essay
Essay Preview: European Imperialism Dbq Essay
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Hanalei Baker
Mr Hire
World Studies
13 February 2018
European Imperialism DBQ Essay
Europeans had it the easy way. For about 300 years, between the 1500s and 1800s, European nations traded for slaves, gold, and ivory along the west coast of Africa, but they did not go deeply into the continent. In the 1800s this changed as European explorers pushed their way into the interiors of western and central Africa. By the 1880s Africa was under full assault as European nations competed with one another for control of the continent. What Was the Driving Force Behind European Imperialism in Africa? Imperialism had several driving forces behind it including Cultural Attitudes and The Economics.

One of the main driving forces behind European Imperialism was its Economy. Economics plays a big role in European Imperialism and would play a big in any other countries imperialism as well.”During the same years that Leopold was buying the Congo, other European leaders were

becoming very aware of two things: First, Africa was filled with incredible natural resources; second, a scramble for these riches could lead to war among the European powers” (DBQ Background essay) This quote from the DBQ background essay shows how the European leaders were beginning to see the importance of Africa because of its natural economic resources and riches. This helped push the European imperialism because when you had the rich resources people started to follow you and than soon enough all of Africa would be under European control.

Cultural Attitudes also played a big role in European imperialism because when you leader didnt have the right attitude the people start to suffer because now your leader is making mistakes and now there losing land and that loses

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