Review of Results from the Previous Round of Decision Making
PART A: Review of results from the previous round of decision making
European market
Our company sold has much as it forecasted for the target market in Europe, mostly due to our very extensive marketing investments, as well as the channel investment. These investments have however seriously hurt the companys income statement. Our product is the second best selling product in the market of Europe its fallen by one this year.

Our team has made the smallest profit in the Europe among all the competitors, this round everyone has managed to make a profit in the European market. A point of concern is that in the fifth round we have made a profit in the European market but its the lowest profit in the market.

Asian market
The demand is still quite small when compared to Europe but it has been growing and decreasing in the different segments there is a remarkable increase in the households and companies segments, but there has been a decrease in the demand in high-end households and high-end companies. Our point of concern in the Asian market is that our competitors have managed to wiped us out from the best selling product, and we have also lost our share in the market, we have lost our place in the market, we have sold as much as we had forecasted for the market, we have attained profits but lower than the previous round. Marketing levels in Asia are quite sensible in comparison to Europe; nevertheless all of the companies have made profit in the market except AVAN Billionaire. A compilation of market analysis is predicting that Asian markets will continue to rapidly grow in importance.

Financial statements
Our team has made a profit in the European market due to our strategy of having penetrated pricing strategy. We hope that by the next year we are able to make more profit has we are offering a very executive product in the European Market. We feel that has the management becomes more

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