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Identify the Best AlternativeEstablish a clear positioning for Chevrolet and adapt Daewoo strategy dealers, operating policies and practices- while subtly pushing Chevrolet in the MarketChevrolet do not have a clear positioning strategy in the European market. This weakness will serve as an advantage for the strategy to replace the General Motors Daewoo. Chevrolet will enter the market with the tagline “Made by European. For a European.”This positioning will remove the current stereotype by the European market that Chevrolet is an American brand. The advertisement and promotion will focus on informative commercials and promotions that conveys the history and the future of the company. Emphasizing that they started as a European and will be a European until the end.Accompanying this strategy will be the adaptation of the Daewoo dealers, operating policies and practices. They will strategically and subtly penetrate the current customers and market. Carrying and resembling the design and strategy of Daewoo. Highlighting that they are a European brand, as a passenger car, they do not carry the Asian-made passenger cars stereotype as a car with value but low quality. Since they are a European brand, they will not only offer money savings but also value in terms of the quality over price.

A shift from defining the product with PRICE to defining the product with VALUE- Quality over price. This will help the transition from Daewoo to Chevrolet.Studying the design of Daewoo passenger cars and how it affected the success in the market will also contribute to the success in Chevrolet. Factors of success involving the vehicles’ design must be adapted or innovated. The idea that Chevrolet is better than Daewoo must be pursued.The strategy in branding the vehicles must be adapted with the current strategy of Daewoo. Adding character to the brand is also an advantage. The survey conducted showed that the car of Daewoo is perceived as a Challenger. Chevrolet may adapt this, and penetrate the current target market of Daewoo with the strategy. Specifying the target market and directly targeting the advertisement and promotion must be undertaken. Target market are blue-collar individuals. They seek for cars with value and function over fashion and social status.

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