Management Planning and Ethics
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It is important in todays society that the workplace is as diverse as possible. It is important for corporations to show that they value diversity and the many changes that have taken place in the world. It is also important that they keep up with the times of a changing America. We are living in the day where people from all walks of life are working in corporate America, and it is our job to make it as comfortable as possible. Management in corporate America must accomplish this by hiring those from other cultures and exploiting the skill that each person processes. Long lived the day when corporate America was mostly the white American male. The workforce now consists of women and a huge variety of other ethnic backgrounds.

One must first define diversity. What is diversity? The term diversity refers to the presence in one population of a wide variety of cultures, opinions, ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds (Websters Dictionary). Within this definition there are many types of diversity, the most popular being Ethnic or Racial (African American, Hispanic (Latin American), Asian, etc., gender (male, female), sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgender), and Religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc).

When is comes to diversity, Johnson & Johnson is one of the major corporations that stand out amongst the competitors. “Johnson & Johnson welcomes diverse perspectives and supports an environment where they can thrive. We believe that diversity fosters the exchange of ideas within the workplace, encourages collaborative efforts and inspires innovation.” (“Our Company”, 2006). Johnson & Johnson recognizes that each individual in the company is an asset to the business and the profit of the company. They value each individual and the success of the diverse environment that was created.

Johnson & Johnson is committed to their views and practices of diversity. This is a company that strives for excellence and supports various opportunities to educate the employees internally by providing them with the best in house training and development tools that are relevant to an everyday work environment called Diversity University. Within Diversity University employees can acquire cultural awareness tools that provide internal e-learning courses. Affinity Groups are another avenue Johnson & Johnson has taken to create a diverse

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