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The skin and its products that we use to care for it is very important to know the history of the skin. As well as the products that we use to cares for the skin.The Egyptians were the very first ones to use cosmetic and other ingredients to preserve and care for the skin. The Egyptians believed that the skin was a temple. That should be cherished as well as protected. The Egyptian believed that honey was beneficial to the skin. The honey mask was a natural embalming agent to help preserve the body. The Egyptians also took milk baths to soften, smooth the skin.  The Egyptians used myrrh so that their clothes as well as their breath smelt good. Both women and men cared deeply about their personal hygiene. Many other cultures has their own way of caring for the skin. The Hebrews they cleansed their bodies but they stressed more over oral hygiene. The Greeks seen the body as one would want to see it naked so the Greeks focused on the skin just the aging process preserving the youthfulness. The Romans they were known for their bathes that helped the Romans keep their healthy and attractive look about their bodies. It is the job of the esthetician to know her varies of skin types.  [pic 1][pic 2] The layers of the human skin are the following knowing the skin is very important in to determining the right treatment for each of the skin types and disorders and diseases. [pic 3] There are different types of skin such as dry skin, very dry, oily skin, normal skin, combination skin of (normal/oily normal/dry), and sensitive skin each skin type There are different types of skin such as dry skin, very dry, oily skin, normal skin, combination skin of (normal/oily normal/dry), and sensitive skin each skin has its own classifications of which product will best suit that skin type. There are many internal effects on the skin such as lack of exercise, stress, lifestyle, negative attitude can also affect the skin and how it reacts. Hormonal imbalance can lead to many other issues in the skin. You can have many different issues with your skin. You can have a derma print done on[pic 4][pic 5]your skin to see what your follicle sizes is as well as your type of skin. Analysis the surface of skin can use the wood lamp to see beneath the surface of the epidermis to see if any other treatment will be needed to care for skin treatment then will be discussed between you and esthetician. She can tell you how that your skin must be cared for. What skin care product should be used? There is external effects that can harm your skin as well like over exposure to the sun, tanning beds, environment can cause harm. We can cause harm to our skin causing it to mature faster through the years by the lifestyle as well as stress along with many other issues. You can help you skin by keeping the right ph. balance and keep skin hydrated. People do not drink enough water to in a day to keep their body from having dehydration. You will begin to lose elasticity and collagen. You will start to see firm lines, some wrinkles, even some discoloration, and uneven texture to the skin as well as it can cause acne. All this can be prevented if you are educated on the proper way to care for skin. What skin care products to use if you do not know what type of skin as well as what each skin care products does.[pic 6][pic 7]

You will not be able to determine proper treatment for client. Without knowing history of clients the history of the products you could harm your skin. There are four components of skin analysis they are look, feel, ask, and listen. Sometimes with a little research you can find out a lot of stuff even find ways to improve your skin a natural way through nature itself.  Here are some ways that are natural. Pineapple can be used as an exfoliation to treat blemishes. Orange can be used for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial can be used as an astringent it has an uplifting scent. Olive can be used to calm the skin. Peppermint can be used to relieve itching and irritation skin. By using mint you can improve your circulation. Oatmeal is a great way to help irritation from a rash or sunburn you can also use oatmeal as a scrub or mask. Witch hazel is great for using for toning the skin. If you have sun damage to the skin pomegranate helps heal the skin as well as fight free radicals? Cocoa butter is a great moisturizer. Chamomile is a way that you can relax your skin and has a gentle soothing effect. Cucumber reduce puffiness under the eye. Many of us like the natural way for it is better for our skin. Sometimes the skin needs more help with the healing of the skin. Our skin can sometimes need the help with the stopping of the reoccurring problem. Once you are shown the proper way of cleansing as well as right products that you may need to care for your type of skin.  There are many different treatments that you may have done. All treatments are based on your skin type and the problem you are having. Once you have been derma printed and woods lamp you will then begin the series of treatments. You will also learn what you should do at home what cleanser and what you should do to help you skin be at its best. We also can count on the Fitzpatrick Scale it was developed by Thomas Fitzpatrick who designed the scale to help telling the difference between the different skin types it also tell us how each skin type can tolerate the sun exposure. When you use the Fitzpatrick scale it tells you the different skin types as well as how the react to the sun. Some people skin tans very easily and other well they may tend to burn and some people may darken in their skin tone not so much as the skin to tan. All skin reacts differently to each product and to the sun as well. Some people are fair to the sun and will burn very easy. Some no matter how much they are in the sun they just cannot tan. Some may tan but burn then peel and the tan goes with it. When you are exposed to sun you should use the proper sunscreen.   Everyone has different of skin so we all need to use the proper cleanser, toner, exfoliate, additives, and massage lotion, mask for your skin type. Most importantly make sure that you use balancing and moisturizer with sunscreen after every facial. You should never exfoliate more than once a week. Over stimulating the face can cause the face to be more prone to have breakouts. Acne prone clients may be subjected to have more breakouts or even make the breakouts harder to heal.  When you are dealing with a client that has problematic skin such as acne when you have these issues. You should wear gloves not because of the client’s skin. The reason for opting to wearing the gloves. You do not want to expose the client to any more germs as well as bacteria from your hands to their face. There are different treatments as well as different series using machines to achieve the results that we are looking for. You should ask the client what he/she is wanting as an end result do they want. Being a good esthetician you should know your line of products and the machines that are available. That way you are able to answer all questions that a client may have. It is also important to know the products because this way you know what the best is for each client again each client skin is different and not all treatments work the same way. You can recommend the microdermabrasion machine that will help if you have hyper/hypo pigmentation, acne scarring, helps shrink pores it has great benefits. How does it works? We first apply a hot towel to clients face so that all pores are open. Then we will cleanse the clients face with ultra-rich milk cleanser we will then tone the client’s skin with hydrating toner or raspberry toner. We will set machine to skin type three which is for Caucasians skin we will set machine at a one for darker skin types. A one is used under the eye. Seven is used to remove the crystals. We will apply the crystals in a downward pass then up on the chin. We will remove the crystals in an upward pass except on the nose we always go down on nose for applying and removing. Once we have completed the first pass we will move the second pass. Where we went down during the first pass the second one will go outward from center of forehead down on the nose so on till all crystals are laid. Once all the crystal have been removed you are to use cold towels and sponges you will then apply a cucumber mask to client face and then apply a cold towel you will tone after and then moisture add sunscreen to clients face. The microdermabrasion can be done 2 times a week for 6 weeks or once a week for 12 weeks this a series package you can pay for single usage ,depends on what you want over a 6 week to 12 week period you will see a difference in your skin. [pic 8][pic 9][pic 10][pic 11][pic 12][pic 13]

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