Estee Lauder – 2008
III. Statement of the Problem
How will the Estee Lauder, Inc. introduce their products in diversified markets without compromising its quality and price.
Estee Lauder, Inc. continues to devote substantial sums to research and development of
new and appealing products. However, given the competitive pricing of their competitors this can be a challenged for them to market their products in other social classes considering the standard quality but having an affordable price since Estee Lauder caters high-class consumers.

What strategy does Estee Lauder, Inc. will be use to increase their sales in various products.
The net sales of fragrance products decreased as the company continue to struggle in
this product category, particularly in Americas region.
How will Estee Lauder, Inc. maintain their waste management.
Aside from the revenue that will gain by the company, it includes such concerns in different aspect5s of business. Considering the environment, Estee Lauder, Inc. must be liable and responsible enough on how will they properly dispose their waste materials given that the products contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment.

How will Estee Lauder, Inc. apply Green Marketing on their products.
Knowing that the products of company is prone to different chemicals and other wasteful materials in their packaging, it is a challenged for them to be more environmentally friendly to protect and abide the laws provided for it..

How will the Estee Lauder, Inc. promote fragrance products in their new target markets.
The company encountered difficulties of sales in some countries like Japan and Americas region fragrance products due to customer preferences as they offer it new markets.

IV. Statement of the Objective
To strengthen the R&D and marketing strategy of the company which can contribute in
Increase of revenue and operating income of various products
To establish an effective promotion strategy and good positioning on the mind of customers.
To secure the proper ways disposal of chemical and

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