The Essence of the American Dream
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The Essence of the American Dream
Inside every American there is a deep aspiration that engender pursue to the most valuable things in life. This hope or ambition is known as “the American dream.” But what genuinely is the essence of the American dream? Some would probably describe it as being rich and famous, others would simply imply to have a lot of power; however, none of these cupidity authentically reflects what the American dream means to me. I personally believe that the essence of the American dream is all about having a well-structured family that loves and cares for you.

Family is the most crucial factor in ones life. Although some people might disagree, I strongly believe that having a well-structured family is an essential part of the American dream. In America today, most families have been broken apart by divorced parents, impetuous and wayward children, and constant quarrels or disagreements. This is the worst dilemma we have in America today and it affects everyone either directly or indirectly. I know that God created family because it is essential to each and everyone of us in order for us to succeed in life. Without a family, we have no reference and no one to love or to love us. It is through the family that our character is forged by learning the most fundamental things in life. In other words, family is the foundation of life. My American dream is the family that God desired us to have and to love no matter what. However, nowadays family is becoming more and more insignificant. This is affecting our generation and the generation that are yet to come because we do not value the importance that a loving and caring family has on us. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most notorious

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