How Does Forster Represent Relations Between English and Indians in a Passage to India?
Essay Preview: How Does Forster Represent Relations Between English and Indians in a Passage to India?
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How does Forster represent relations between English and Indians in A Passage to India?
Relationship between two cultures might be extremely hard especially during the British colonialism. In this novel A Passage to India British has a political control over Indians, which bring the British population as an enemy of the Indian because they impose their rules over a society that they might see as inferior. At the begging of the novel Dr. Aziz, an Indian character, despise English people he does not want to have to deal with them but he finally became friend with Fielding. It was for a short term because when Adela accuse fielding of sexual arrestment their friendship falls apart. This essay will point out the difficulty of an Indian-English relationship.

At the very beginning of the novel the reader can feel the difficulty of Indian and English to get a long. Indians are resentful to English because of the political context: English people institute their rule in a foreign country. Moreover the relationship is hard because they have a different way to live, they do not have the same religion and so on

But during a time in a mosque Aziz felt a connection with Mr. Moore that leads him to a friendship with Fielding. Here Foster show the reader how English and Indians should act to be able to get a long and stop despite each other. Indeed Aziz and Fielding act sowing respect and trust. This lesson shows the reader that agreement is not hard to get, but both part should show respect.

Unfortunately this friendship did not last long, in case of trouble the friendship fall apart and they would automatically take side for their fellows. When Adela accuses Aziz of aggression they could not be friend anymore. They suffer from the shock of culture. It is too important and differs from what they are mutually used too. Their respective Indian and English communities pull them apart through their mutual stereotyping because whatever they do they would still be Indian and English. Here foster shows the reader that in that kind of climax it is really hard for two cultures to mix and acclimate. He has a pessimistic point of view and he even exhibits that the landscape is a boundary to their friendship. The differences and the tight to their culture do not allow them to have a real friendship because in case of trouble they will always feel the need to turn their back on each other.

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