What Might Have Happened in North America If the Confederacy Had Won the “war Between the States”?
Essay Preview: What Might Have Happened in North America If the Confederacy Had Won the “war Between the States”?
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What might have happened in North America if the confederacy had won the “War between the states”?
Before I start revealing my thoughts on this point I would like to recollect some facts about the Civil War in the United States of America known also as the “War between the states”. The Civil War took place on the territory of the USA from 1861 to 1865 as a result of sharp differences between the Southern and the Northern states of the country. The majority of historians believe that slavery was the only and the most reasonable cause of the war. Some other historians also consider the economical gap of two parts of the country to be a reason of the conflict, the conflict of interests between the agricultural South and the industrializing North. But on my opinion slavery was without a doubt the sole institution that was not shared by the North and the South. The Northerners considered that slavery degraded not only the slaves by disgracing the meaning and the purpose of labor and reducing the wages of all workers; it also degraded free people who didnt own slaves. On the contrary, the Southerners countered slavery as the base of liberty for white people who owned or not owned slaves by limiting manual labor.(2)

So, what might have happened is that the Southern states, known as the Confederacy, had won the Civil war? When Lincoln won the presidential election in 1860 the Southerners knew they had lost control of the government. Slaverys fate was decided if the South remained in the Union. So seven slave states seceded from the rest of the United States (followed by four more states after the beginning of the war) and formed the Confederate States of America. Of course the war wouldnt have started if the Northern people had accepted the separation of the Southern states. But that didnt happen from considerations of the following, if any state would want to secede at any time it wants that would create a total mess in the government, and in the whole country. The CSA in the case of winning and getting separated would have been cut off from the migration which had been taking place during that time. (1) If the South had won the war then it would have created a situation when a weak split into two parts republic country probably wouldnt have survived in the world where monarchy rules. The victory of the North solved this question, and the United States

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