Are Computers Necessary?
Essay Preview: Are Computers Necessary?
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Are computers necessary?
Computers have been around for many years and it has become difficult to imagine life without them. They are present almost everywhere we go – at the supermarket, at the bank, at home, in the car. Computers are more efficient than we humans are, at least when it comes to calculations and related topics – as the name computer implies (to compute – to calculate). The question is, however – could we do without computers? Are computers really necessary, or do we just use them because they are here, out of habit so to speak and in reality, they are more a curse than a blessing?

One really big factor which makes computers irreplacable for many people is: you have access to the internet. In the internet, you can find almost anything you want, be it information, pictures or videos. Sure, in the “real life”, as internet-users call it, you can lend books from the nearest library and get your information from there. However, this information might not be valid anymore, or you want just one small bit of information. You just could not search for it in a 200-pages book (it would take too long), whereas you can search for it in the whole internet with the help of a search engine – taking you less than a second.

( This essay is turning into an essay on “Is the internet necessary?”, I know – but those two, the internet and computers, are just too closely entwined sorry.)

You do not have to watch the news on TV thanks to the Internet. You can watch the news on your computer whenever you want, and with your laptop and an open hot spot (a place where you can access the internet through w-lan) even wherever you want! This is a clear advantage for people working very late or very early – they can get the information they want, be up-to-date and are not dependent on newspapers or the television.

However, there is one big BUT – everyone can have access to the internet.

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