Pornography – Wright or Wrong
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Pornography- WRIGHT or WRONG
In the past, the Australian federal government has explored the issue of pornography and has attempted to find out if teenagers are damaged by it. This approach to pornography is based purely on a medical model of- can porn damage your health. In order to answer this controversial question, we resort to many standard methods of medical research. But how can this research see into the mind of a teenage boys and occasionally girls whose introduction to sex is too see actors displaying graphic images of themselves?

While medical models serve us well in
other aspects of everyday life, it has server
limitations when it attempts to quantify the
effect of addictive behaviour, such as pornography. The use of pornography may be seen as a light, because it is used to increase a bored or depressed mood, which leads us to a false world.

In know way can a false world be a positive benefit for any human, let alone a teen, as it does not encourage acceptance to your surroundings and who you are. In today’s society, drugs, violence, sex and many other pressures are bombarded onto teenagers. With acceptance being a key to restrict many of these issues, pornography is in fact damaging our youths.

Pornography is a representation of a false world made of many ideologies where actors possess no self, no soul, of their own; instead they are the soul of others.

According to Dr. Dobson (Focus on the Family) “as, majority a male, is easily aroused by explicit material, pornography
is enticing, progressive and destructive. Over time the pornography needs to be more graphic and more perverse to get the same initial “high” that came when the person first started using this material. This can involve violating others to gratify himself in his sexual perversion ’’

An alarming fact produced by the Australian youth facts and statistics, showed a total of 47% of teens between 11
and 17 are willingly exposed

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