George Custer
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There are many people in the Civil war that helped the north win it. One of those people is George Armstrong Custer. He was a general for the United States army until he died in the battle of the little big horn.

Custer was born in new rumley, Ohio. He went to college at west point, where he did not stand out at all. After he graduated, two of his classmates got into a fight, but he did not break them up. He was court-martialed, but he the only reason he was allowed to stay in the army was they needed many officers for the civil war.

When the civil war began, Custer did better than expected. He fought for the union in the First Battle of Bull Run. His unit had many casualties, but his aggressive fighting style earned him the respect of his commanders. Custers units played such a huge role in making Robert e. lee retreat that General Philip Sheridan bought and gave the Appomattox surrender table to Custer and his family.

In 1866, Custer was appointed lieutenant-colonel of the 7th Calvary. In 1876, Custer, along with general john gibbon and General George cook, was ordered to lead an expedition against the Lakota Indians.

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