Galahad as a Christ Figure
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Very few people can call themselves a Christ figure. There are so many elements that go into being a Christ figure. Galahad had all those elements. He was enraptured, he saw “the wonders of the Holy Grail”, and he had disciples. Also, he made life better for human beings by sacrificing himself for others, he preformed miracles, and he heard holy voices and saw holy visions. Because of all that he did Galahad was a proven Christ figure of his time.

Galahad would hear holy voices and see visions throughout his journeys. Galahad saw a vision of angels praying about a silver table, meaning that he was close to the end of his search for the Holy Grail. Many times voices would help him and warn him. At one time he was about to kill one of the knights he had been fighting when a voice told him, “If those two knights had known you as well as I do, they would let you alone.” Hearing this, Galahad rode off without killing either of the knights. The voice saved him from killing his own father. “For once caution was the better part of valor!”

Performing miracles to make life better for human beings is a characteristic that Christ figures possess. When the silver table appeared on Galahad’s boat, he needed help taking it off. He called to an old crippled man to help him carry it. The old man told Galahad that he had been crippled for far too long and such a task would be impossible for him. Finally, the cripple obeyed Galahad and when he stood up he was suddenly “as sound and well as he ever was.”

Sacrificing yourself for others is also a sign of a Christ figure. An example of when Galahad does this is when Melias joined him on his journey. Melias insisted on taking the path that only the pure in heart could take. This was obviously the wrong and most dangerous path for Melias to be taking. While on the path he tried stealing a golden crown causing a knight to ride after him. Galahad came to Melias’ aide causing the knight, who had almost killed Melias, to set upon him instead. He drove the knight away, saving Melias. Before he left, Galahad made sure that Melias would be taken care of until he was well.

Galahad had disciples that joined him on his search for the Holy Grail. Bors and Percival were very faithful to Galahad and followed him throughout his journey. Both stayed with him and remained loyal to him even when the king of Sarras put them in jail. Because of their

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