Essay On Chinese Father Lee Hoi-Chuen

Essay About Bruce Lee And Chinese Father Lee Hoi-Chuen
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Bruce Lee Essay Preview: Bruce Lee Report this essay Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, California at a Chinese Hospital. On November 27, 1940 to his Chinese father Lee Hoi-Chuen and Chinese-German mother Grace Lee, where his parents were on a one-year U.S. tour with the Cantonese Opera Company. Bruces Cantonese given name, (Jun.

Essay About Bruce Lee And Chinese American Martial Artist
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Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Bruce Jun Fan Lee (November 27, 1940 in San Francisco – July 20, 1973 in Hong Kong) was a Chinese American martial artist and actor widely regarded as the most influential, famous and celebrated martial artist of the 20th century. Lees films, especially his performance in the Hollywood-produced Enter.

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