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Equestrian Show Jumping
Essay Preview: Equestrian Show Jumping
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In the late 18th century, jumping was an essential feature of the sport of fox hunting. In 1866, Grand Prix Show Jumping was born in Paris. The term Grand Prix translates from French to mean “The richest or greatest prize”. The term is also used to designate the most challenging or sophisticated level of competition. In 1906 equestrian sports were proposed as a permanent addition to the Olympic Games. This event remains the most popular of the equestrian events in the Olympics. The true champions in show jumping are horses who have the desire to jump big fences without touching them. Show jumping courses follow a precise track of various configurations around and across a large arena. The International Equestrian Federation or FEI regulates the maximum height and width of the fences. The actual course design is within the control of the course designer. A well-designed course will challenge a horse without punishing him for doing his job. Jumps range in height from approximately 43″ to 56″. Fences are positioned in the arena with a carefully measured distance between them to allow the riders to complete the course within a specific maximum time. The course usually has 15 to 20 obstacles to jump, these obstacles or jumps feature combinations of single and multiple jumps taken on straight or curved lines. Because distances between the fences vary the horses speed and length of stride will determine whether or not he or she will arrive at the next fence with the correct speed and impulsion to clear it. There are faults or penalty points incurred if the horse refuses or brings down the highest element of an obstacle or if they exceed the time allowed. The ultimate goal is a no fault round, within the time limit. If a rider is unable to complete the course within the maximum time limit they are eliminated. If either the horse or the rider falls the pair is eliminated. The jumping order of horse and rider is determined by a drawing prior

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