Legalizing Gay Marriage
Essay title: Legalizing Gay Marriage
Legalization of Gay Marriage
Whether it be a big move or a new law change never comes easily. We as human beings like things to stay a certain way, we reject the unfamiliar. I agree change is uncomfortable however, that does not always mean something negative. In order for us to progress and evolve as a society change is essential. Homosexuality although a much more accepted life style now than in the past still has a long way to go before the stigma associated with it is removed and homosexuals are considered equal in today’s society. In the last few years especially during the months of the presidential election gay marriage has been a hot topic. Many people are opposed to this due to their religious views or lack of understanding; they say it goes against god and would destroy our “sanctity of marriage.” In my opinion “we are all created equal,” homosexuality is not something that is going to go way, as time goes on we hear about it more and more and little by little it is becoming more accepted. Of course Legalizing gay marriage will not put an end to prejudice but it is a step in the right direction.

Being gay is something you’re born with; although it is proven not to be genetic it would be the same as someone saying “I like brunettes better than blondes.” It’s a sexual preference; did you make a conscious decision to like brunettes better? You probably didn’t, but it’s what you like and you can’t help that. Now what if somebody decided they didn’t agree with your “taste” and although you were in love you didn’t have the right to get married like everybody else. Homosexuals are not asking for any kind of special treatment or benefits, just equal rights which last I checked was one of the things this country stood for. This is very reminiscent of the 1950’s when African Americans were fighting for their right to vote, once again not special treatment but equality and once again an uncomfortable change for people at the time but invaluable in shaping the future.

I’ve heard many people’s reasons for not agreeing with gay marriage. Some say that we aren’t taking away any rights because they can still live together and do whatever they want as long as marriage isn’t included. What about the tax breaks married couple’s get and what happens if there’s a couple and one of them ends up in the hospital in critical condition and their partner isn’t allowed to see them because they aren’t considered family. I wonder if they would be feeling like they had equal rights then.

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