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Epoch Sports Technology
Epoch is one of the best lacrosse companies in the world. But we will be looking at their head,stick, and how they perform and what their made of and who they are meant for. Just to warm you these products are at the of the food chain best of the best. The best players in the world use these products.

The first thing we are going to evaluate the head. The three good components to a head is flexibility, weight, and mesh. This is actually a very light head because it is composite. The mesh that you can get with the head is otter mesh which is a semi soft mesh that adds ball retention without adding whip. This head has a one year warranty guaranteed.

The C30 shaft from epoch lacrosse is a concave shaft that is 30 inches.This is one of the many in a series of sticks called dragonfly. The C30 is a stick made up of carbon fiber which is a very light material. This stick has the all the great components. This is a very light stick that has great grip and handling and you will love it.

Alright you might have to break your piggy bank to get these great products of Epoch but they are worth it. These are well
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