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An Epic hero
Epic heroes are characters in an old poem or story that people can
relate to for admire. In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer,
Odysseus is that epic hero. Odysseus faced many difficult situations as
an epic hero, and made some bad decisions as an ordinary man,
both which show his strengths and weaknesses.
One part of the poem that shows how Odysseus is an epic hero was when
he sharpened an olive tree and jabbed it in Polyphemuss
lonely one eye, so him and his men can escape. “Now by the gods, I
drove my big hand spike/ deep in the embers charring it again/
and cheered my men along with the battle talk/ to keep their courage
up: No man quitting now.” [Book 9 lines 282-285] This quote
illustrates how Odysseus jabbed the olive tree in Polyphemuss eye. The
thought of home, and him and his men free made him blind
The term ordinary man relates to making mistakes, which was what
Odysseus did in book 10. Odysseuss temptations made him
make a mistake and cheat on his wife Penelope for Circe. “We two/ shall
mingle and make love upon out bed. / So mutual trust may
come of play and love.”[Book 10 lines 66-68] That quote represents
Circes proposal to Odysseus to sleep with her, and which he

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