Enviromental Problems
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An environmental problem that I believe is significant in my town is the overpopulation. When we came
to live in this town, we used to live outside city limits. For us this was a good because we like the
country. We used to have animals of all kinds. We were surrounded by farm land each way we looked.
Then a school was built less than a mile away from our house, and we were happy because our children
would go to a new school close to home. The farmers started to sell their land and houses were been
built on these lands. It got so overpopulated that the school, which is less than a mile away from our
house, was too packed, and our kids had to change schools. They were sent to another school which, is
like a 15 minute drive from our house. This was because they built more than three hundred houses
around our home that the school had to accommodate all of these children that they sent ours away to
another school. I believe this is a problem because the land stopped producing vegetables and fruits.
We go to the store and, since the vegetables are brought in from somewhere else they are more
expensive. I think this is related to human value because the land was destroyed to gain land for people
and, they didnt think about the crops that once used to be planted there. The people were not able to
keep up with the payments because they kept going up all the time. The houses are rented out to
people who are on government assistance. It now looks like a bad neighborhood. People are scared to
walk by there. I also think this is related to environmental issues because there are so many people
living in this town. If caught in town at lunch hour you can expect not to make it home early, the traffic
is so bad; the bumper to bumper of cars has to put a strain on the ecosystem. Very much carbon dioxide
is being used because there is no carpooling done here or else the streets would not be so crowed
during lunch and at five when everyone gets out of work. If we would work together and start
carpooling and recycling we would be giving something back to the environment not just taking.

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