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Environmental Pollution, Implication, and Prevention.
One of the greatest gifts one can offer to future generations is a clean and safe environment. A clean environment implies fewer health complications and happier life. Many environmental issues are affecting human civilization. This report focuses on air pollution, water pollution, and deforestation.

Air pollution would be visualized as the greatest environmental issue of all time. It involves an extreme increase in the accumulation of substances in the atmosphere. The air pollutants may be in solid, liquid, or gaseous form. Industrial emissions are the greatest source of air pollution followed closed by motor vehicle fumes. Wildfires also result in an increased concentration of pollutants in the air. Legal policies on emission should be developed and implemented to minimize industrial fumes emission. Ecofriendly engines should be used to minimize the fumes from motor vehicles (Sweileh et al., 2). Preventing these three causes of air pollution would significantly reduce the level of air pollution.

Contamination of water in the rivers, oceans, and lakes is also a major environmental issue. The contamination of water leads to the extinction of aquatic life. This pollution further extends to human beings and land animals, resulting in diseases and even death. Water pollution has various sources, depending on the location of the water body. Agricultural activities such as the excessive use of chemicals on the farms result in water pollution. The chemicals are washed into the water bodies and accumulate in the water and over time.

To prevent this, farmers should take measures to prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion carries along with these chemicals into the water bodies. They should also use the right amount of farm chemicals to ensure that there is no excess to drain into water bodies. Factories sometimes defy the law and dispose of their waste products into the water bodies. Most of these chemicals are poisonous, leading to the death of water animals. The citizens should be sensitized on the need to preserve the water bodies and the consequences of neglecting water preservation. Oil spillage from tankers pollutes ocean water, which is very difficult to manage when it occurs since it covers a vast area (Denchak, 8). To prevent it the tankers should be well designed, and strict policies developed to ensure oil spillage is minimized

Another global environmental issue is deforestation, which increases carbon content in the atmosphere resulting in global warming. The forest cover has been decreasing over the years due to various reasons. The causes of deforestation include illegal logging, which has increased as a result of the increase in the demand for timber products. The expansion of Agricultural land has also led to the clearing of vast amounts of forest cover (Pires and Marcos 3620).To minimize deforestation, strict measures should be taken against those who clear forests and alternative raw materials other than wood be embraced.

The greatest barrier to the implementation of these measures to prevent environmental pollution is ignorance from the people. Most are just concerned with the short term benefit of failing to take responsibility for the environment at the expense of the future implications of environmental negligence. Therefore, to curb these environmental issues, the environment requires to be taken care of to live a better life. Neglecting and polluting the environment have a permanent effect on the lives of all living creatures and would result in even their extinction.

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