Entrepreneurship and Smes
Essay Preview: Entrepreneurship and Smes
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Directions for the Mandatory Group Assignment
(Each Group should number at least 3 students)
You are supposed to present briefly an entrepreneurial firm, focusing on its character, strengths and weaknesses. To do this effectively, you are required to use tools that are taught in class. You are free to focus on any entrepreneurial aspect of the firm (from the character of its founders to an all- inclusive business plan), trying to explain the reasons for the firms success or failure. You may also focus on any particular period of the firms life cycle, or approach it throughout its operation. It is advisable that you draw reasonable conclusions on success factors and things to avoid in entrepreneurial practice.

In order to do the assignment, you will need to search thoroughly on the firms web site or other formal source of information, as well as on several other publications and the Internet, in general. All your sources should be mentioned at the end of your assignment, as references.

You are urged to propose any firm you are familiar with, or for which you may find adequate information In case you have trouble finding a firm, you may choose one of the following suggested firms:

The Body Shop
Estee Lauder
You are expected to inform the instructor on the firm which you chose and the members of the group you formed to work on the assignment, within 1 month since the start of the lectures.

Assignment Format: An up-to-4000-words report, focusing on the entrepreneurial lessons drawn from the firm studied. Dont forget to include references.
Presentation: A 15-min. presentation. It will be evaluated on the following:
Main points covered
Professional quality
Approach realistic, rational and feasible

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