Riordan Upgrade Proposal
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Feb 2, 2006
Edward Vinson
Phoenix University Consulting Company
Tulsa, OK
Dear Riordan Manufacturing: CIO
We received your request for an analysis and a proposal for an upgrade of your companys entire network. The current network operating system we understand no longer meets the companys needs and support.

The compatibility issues for the operating systems in our analysis were addressed therefore we submit the following proposal. This proposal outlines the complete scope of work you requested, including objectives, procedures, identification of responsibilities.

Our suggestions based on our analysis is to remove the current network and replace both networks Georgia and Michigan plants with Windows 2000 Operating system total upgrade.

These two networks will mirror the headquarters plant in San Jose and the China plant. Both Albany and Pontiac locations will not have the satellite connection installed. We will install the software, including implementation and setup, training, conversion assistance, and post-conversion. Well provide professional assistance related to this new system and coordinate any training needed for software or hardware.

The Success of this project is dependent not only on the software, but also on the companys personnels skill, effort, and willingness to work as a team.

Assist in implementation of the Windows 2000 Activity Directory Infrastructure Network Operating System.
Recommend steps required to successfully install the new system and assist in assembling setup information and data used in the implementation process.

Support new upgrade, install, and restore from backup and incremental data upgrades to customers specific configuration.
Provide an Active Directory infrastructure for applications so their upgrade task is made obvious, simple and reliable.
Establish specifications for the software.
Training and Testing

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