Effective Business Letter
Essay title: Effective Business Letter
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Fast Food Venders
FROM: Ann W. Brown, Chairperson, Office of Compliance
DATE: March 28, 2006
SUBJECT: Pretesting giveaway toys
Did you know that in 1999 that two babies died after suffocating on plastic Pokemon balls that their parents got from Burger King? Furthermore, three children choked on “Scooter Bugs” that were given out at McDonalds. How would you feel if your child was injured due to the fact that your company had not pretested the safety of a toy? Many toys that are given out to toddlers are really meant for older children.

In addition, many of these toys are produced cheaply overseas, and often small parts break off and they become serious choking hazards. According to statistics, Burger King distributes nearly 100 million toys annually to children; McDonald’s gives away 1.5 billion worldwide. This entire industry accounts for one-third of all toys distributed in the United States. Millions of them have been recalled after children were hurt.

Industry leaders such as, Burger King and McDonald’s,

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