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Leading Global Change Professor Tsedal Neeley Materials: Language and Globalization: “Englishnization” at Rakuten (A) (412002) Assignment: Is Englishnization a good idea? Something needs to be done beyond what was currently being done to differentiate Rakuten, enable the opportunities within and external to Rakuten.  So yes it is a good idea as if the forecast of the Japanese economy shrinking is anything close to true, Rakuten need to do something now and then build upon that e.g. Kazuhisa Adachi (fence-sitter) who took four weeks off to cram for his test and is now looking to learn Chinese. What determines whether employees embrace or reject Englishnization? The determining factors are:Age of employee’s. The older they are the less likely they are to embrace itTime pressured related to the requirements of their day jobHave to pay for the English lessons themselvesIf their direct line manager embraces EnglishnizationIf their direct line manager supports their English studiesPrevious exposure to English languageExposure to English relating to their day to day job roleIf the employee buys into the bigger picture and opportunity for English and RakutenWhat do the survey results (Exhibit 3) tell us about how things are going? Rakuten needs to focus on line management embracing Englishnization as that will have the double knock on effect of buy in from their direct reports.With p6 (felt embraced by their corporate parent) and Exhibit 3 foreign nationals and native English speakers are heavily in favour of the strategy.Exhibit 3 tells us that more focus should be placed on the Japanese staff as they are on average struggling to come to terms with the strategy.Employees are wasting time worrying about the strategy rather than embracing it for the global business/personal enhancing opportunity that it can be.  If this worry time was converted to productive time, they would be more effective at hitting their English targets. Although it’s a one size fits all strategy towards Englishnization perhaps a one size fits all enabling strategy isn’t the best approach?What should Mikitani do moving forward?Promote and apply the bigger picture for Englishnization in different scenarios so that more line management can see the strategy for the great potential opportunity that it is.  Show the value adds in multiple worked examples across the group since it’s been initiated. Also show the downsides to everyone for the balanced view.  But stress that this strategy is not going away, it’s here for the right reasons.  If Rakuten don’t adapt to globalisation it will be in a far weaker place along with the Japanese forecasted economy in years to come.  This is about maintaining a viable going concern of a business better equipped to deal with the challenges ahead.Mikitani perhaps should invest in a next phase of training (for none native speakers) in people who attain the TOEIC score required.  Rakuten will back those that are willing to back themselves in furthering there grasp of English or perhaps other work related training courses once they have shown commitment?

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