Endless Mountains Communication Business Plan
Executive Summary
This business plan aims at introduction Endless Mountains Communication to market uWatch, a cable channel product in the United States. The company will have a head office in New York and will set other offices in suburbs area of middle class. uWatch will revolutionize cable channel market by providing customers with a chance to chose their own channel and pay for them on a monthly basis. The pricing strategy that has been derived from the business research will be $22. The business will require a capital of $50 million that will be obtained from owners savings and friends and family contributions. The company will use below and above the line marketing strategies to reach the target market.

I. Organization Plan
a. Company Description
Endless Mountains Communication is one of the leading full services communications providers. The company is planning to enter into the competitive media market offering different products ranging from digital cable, On Demand, High Definition (HDTV), Digital Video Recording (DVR), and High Speed Internet Access. The company also provides high quality local and long distance telephone services in the selected areas.

With the growing number of users linked to network of fiber optic cable, Endless Mountains is only beginning its endeavor to become a leader in the media and communication industry. With information age already catching up with the rest of the world, the company hopes to utilize their chance to provide high quality services to become a leader in the market.

The company has many benefits for customers. In its endeavor to become the market leader, the company undertakes different initiatives to improve the quality of products and services it offers to customers. The company provides the following competitive advantage in the market:

It offers a 30-day, money back guarantee on all products and services
It treats customers and their homes with courtesy and respect
It has a caring customer care services that will attend to customer questions at their convenience
It offers easy to understand packages and provide clear bills
It continuously offer customers the best and most video choices
It quickly addresses any technical problem reported by customers within the shortest time possible.
The company schedules appointments at customers convenience and is mindful of customers time.
The mission of the business will be to

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