The Strategy Plan
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If I was the new CIO, I would be able to determine total IS costs for the organization and plan how to solve the problems by coming up with an IS plan , that would integrate all IS initiatives under the responsibility of the CIO of the IS department. I would encourage end users of the applications to provide input during design stages as well as provide feedback during the use of any application implemented. With high levels of user involvement, the system will more likely conform to requirements and users will more likely accept the system. There will be less of any user-designer communication gaps eventhough users can be specialists from different backgrounds, interests and priorities.

I would also aim to resolve the physical infrastructure, since the new CIO found that there was a need to replace a lot of old technology. For example, IS had too many servers and each server was handling only a single application, whereas today a server could handle multiple applications. Also may servers had passed their warranty period and STARS paid costly vendor service visits. One company charged a minimum $2400 for a service visit plus $250 an hour. I would also improve cables and power supply systems and the security of network and systems. In the past, security was handled on a firefighting basis and a consultant invoice for $20K for 1 days work appeared.

In trying to solve these problems, I would also seek management and employee buy-in to my recommendations because management support and commitment, a positive perception by both users and technical staff, sufficient funding and resources will support enforcement of required organizational changes needed for IS initiatives.

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