Of Mice and Men: Death Yes or No
Of Mice and Men: Death Yes or No
Death should only be determined by God Himself. In the novel Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck the two main characters, George and Lennie, seem to always find themselves in pickles. Lennie is a mentally challenged grown man and George has taken Lennie under his wing and takes care of him. Lennie’s fascination with soft objects always seems to get the two into trouble. At the end of the novel Lennie accidentally kills a woman by breaking her neck from feeling her soft hair. George takes it in his hand to kill Lennie before a group of men would find him and have their way with him. I don’t think George should have done that because in that act George played God.

George taking Lennie’s life in his own life I believe was a very selfish thing to do. He didn’t want to see Lennie in trouble or even killed by other men. He looked at Lennie as if he was an animal rather than a human being and didn’t take to thought that Lennie could have very well lived through all of this. In George’s mind he thought that he was doing the right thing by killing Lennie but I believe that death should be decided in court and not by a mans instinct.

George believed that he was the person responsible for Lennie’s actions. Whenever Lennie seemed to reach a difficult situation in the book George would be there to help him and save him from humiliation. He made sure that Lennie would be safe at all times and the no one would hurt him, though

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