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Woo Woo is going through a phase of deficits, which are causing strains on the companys profits, and all around image. As a smaller, less expensive widget, we have made a name for ourselves by being cheaper, and more readily available. We have accumulated a high sales amount, but we cannot love off that ideal alone; customer and employee satisfaction, employee output, product quality, and low turnover are important factors also. An organizational motivation plan will provide a structured driving force for employees to accomplish agreed-upon goals, work out employee relations and continue to thrive in corporate objectives.

As a clone of a larger known widget, we do have to emulate the success of that company, while maintaining our own personal success. With the number of employees here at Woo Woo, we have to make sure that we are meeting the criteria of the job requirement for each department, and while doing so, maintain high job satisfaction, and high quality work. There are several was that we can increase our job satisfaction here at Woo Woo.

One way to increase job satisfaction is getting rid of the noise. According to Schermerhorn (2012), “noise is anything that interferes with the effectiveness of communication.” (p. 242). Having a small team of employees, means that there is a lot more responsibility on each person in their individual roles. This can lead to one becoming highly overwhelmed, frustrated, and underappreciated. During this time period, messages amongst employees can become wrongly encoded. Encoding is the process of translating an idea or thought into a message consisting of verbal, written, or nonverbal communication (Schermerhorn, 2012, p.243).

Feedback can never be too much, in fact, in most organizations, there is too little feedback, so the vice of the people is readily, but unknowingly overlooked. Goal setting has been noted as important but the feedback from managers to employees also has a link to output. “Motivation is not manipulation–good managers who value motivation work hard at helping people find positive reasons for doing their best. Manipulators resort to punitive measures that may seem to work at first but will quickly drive talented people out the door” (Joss, 2003). In times such as these, you need to factor in a way of rewarding effort, not just results.

Rewards do not always have to be monetary, they can be things that improve employee morale, and uplift the workers in ways that mean more, than just cash. Rewards need to satisfy the basic needs of all employees. Health can be taken into consideration, family, and school. An example of a reward that brings forth results could be things such as; having the option of working one weekend one, one weekend off, or being able to take a personal day (with pay) once a month. This is called reward power. Reward power is the extent to which a manager can use extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to control the employees (Schermerhorn, 2012, p. 268).

When considering how to reduce turnovers in an organization, one thing that has to be taken seriously when planning the layout of your organization, we have to make sure that the goals are measurable and rewards are made public. An organization cannot survive without a highly motivated and progressive workforce, which also includes every layer of the organization (Zaman, 2003). A way to do this could be with the process of Job enlargement. Job enlargement is often referred to as horizontal job loading. Job enlargement increases the variety of tasks a job includes. Although it doesnt increase the quality or the challenge of those tasks, job enlargement may reduce some of the monotony, and as an employees boredom decreases, his or her work quality generally increases (North, 2013).

A method that could be used to track turnover, would be to allow the employees to track their own performances. Formal employee reviews should be conducted at least monthly will be required to be in written form with informal reviews as desired. If the employee can see and track their weekly performance, then a feeling of autonomy is present, because they feel that they have control over their careers. Autonomy strongly influences the decision of individuals to join and stay with an organization (Haam, 1999).

Productivity is something that management at Woo Woo are proud of. During our tenure, we have put out products, which reflect our high sales numbers. At the same time, we have major deficits in production, which lead to increase in costs, and delays in delivery. There are many ways to increase productivity such as, updated technology, and training etc.

A way to increase productivity is to make it part of your team culture. It needs to be made known that nothing less than the best will be accepted. Encourage autonomy by giving the employees more responsibility and allow them to take ownership of each project. They will work harder because they are working for themselves and will be more productive than you could ever force them to be (Overell, 2012). It is important for managers to let their employees know that they value their hard work even if important goals were not reached on time because of factors beyond their control, such as having less equipment or faulty equipment. We have to realize that sometimes, productivity is out of the control of the employees, and rather it is left to management to make sure that they are able to put out the best products, because they have the best machines.

It seems an oxymoron to say that we want the employees at Woo Woo to produced high quality products, but we are looking for a way to increase high quality work. Management is there to manage what the workers do. They truly do not understand sometimes, what this truly entails. A way for management to increase the quality of work, is to focus on the work. An example of this would be to calculate how much time each project takes to complete and build a schedule together. Employers will quickly realize an employee working 40 hours a week has a workload of more than 60 hours of work. After a shift like that, one can only expect that the quality of work will begin to diminish, because in responsibilities may need to be evenly distributed to even out workloads. This is also very useful for task delegation, so you understand which employees are able to take on more work (Ulianich, 2010).

A method to motivate employees at Woo Woo that we feel is important is management to lead by example. We do not do the work that the employees do, but we are the front force of everything that Woo Woo stands for. Employees have varied motivators, but for most, a manager who does not carry

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