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China Grill Private Limited Case Study
Task 1Understand the structure and functions of the organization.Prepare a report to be submitted to the higher management of the China Grill Private Limited about your analysis of the current state of their organization.In your report identify the core business functions of China Grill Private Limited and assess the relative importance of each to the company. (Please state the assumptions clearly if any) (P1.1)Business functions can be referred to as an operation or a process which is performed routinely in order to implement a part of the tasks or mission of a particular organization. Following are the core business functions identified in China Grills Private Limited. Human Resources Human Resources is about managing the people working in an organization as a resource. This consist of planning and forecasting the organization requirements in future, recruitment and retention, employee dismissal, employee motivation, professional development and training, health and safety conditions, liaison with trade unions.Recruitment and Retention: hiring, firing or keeping the staff and makes sure that suitable people are recruited to correct jobs.Working conditions: Offering the things that employees need at work. Holidays, Sick pay, wages, pay, maternity leave etc. Training and Professional development: This Enable the employees to achieve their individual responsibilities and tasks effectively as well as it makes use of their potential.Liaison with trade unions: joining an organization to get something done and working with trade unions that protect the employee requests and rights. Health and safety conditions: Ensures that the employees can work safely and healthy without injuries or hazards. Employee motivation: Offering rewarded for the hard work allowing employees to take up a higher position.Following factors should be addresses in the Human Resources function with the current state of the China Grills Private Limited.Since the call center is getting a lot of drop-calls because the customers have to stay on hold for a long time before placing the order as a result of the employee involved in call center and customer handling are not adequate. So it is important to recruit more employees in customer handling, production as well as in distribution to cater the high demand of customers in the delivery process.

Employee retention is one of the most important factors to be concerned. We can introduce a new rewards system to motivate them in working hard and enhance employee retention. If the employees become satisfied and productive the organization is also more likely to approach its objectives.We can give new employees extensive orientation training in order to assist them transition in to the new organization culture. We can organize leadership training and professional development programs for the employees. Sales and MarketingMarketing is considered with recognizing and satisfying consumers’ needs and wants at right price. It involves in researching what the customers need and analyzing how organization can satisfy those needs. We can carry out market research, promotional strategies and pricing strategies to fulfill these things. Fundamental activities in marketing are managing Marketing Mix with the “4Ps”. The Product, the Price, Promotion and the Place.Product: Having right products in terms of benefit which customers valuePrice: Setting right price for the products that consistent with the probable consumers’ conception of the value given by productPromotion: Promoting products in a way that creates maximal consumer awareness and convinces consumers to make the decision to buy productsPlace: Making products available in right place at right time along with choosing proper distribution channelsSales department of an organization sells products or services. Sales staff work hand in hand with marketing personnel to offer essential information on consumer needs, marketing trends and competition. Sales strategies are plans by a business organization on how to go about selling the products and services to increase the profits. With the customer feedback of China Grills Private Limited, it is essential to expand the Marketing research process to recognize how the customers want to satisfy their needs through China Grills exactly. We can present a survey or a questionnaire to the customers after delivering the order to find out what they like and dislike about the China Grills. We can arrange sales promotions for example offering a 20 percent discount on first 20 orders on a day, product bundling, producing literature like brochures and product catalogues, and placing advertisements in proper media and so on as promotional and pricing strategies. We can introduce membership cards for the regular customers of China Grills and we can offer discounts for them through a points system and increase the customer retention.

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