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Mr. Bill Clinton
President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington, D.C.
November 20,1992
Mr. President,
It is a great pleasure on this first occasion on which I, the Most. Rt. Hon.
King Emmanuel Charles Edwards on behalf of the Government and People
of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Cogress Church of Salvation, of
which Iam Founder, Leader, President, High Priest, God and King, take this
pleasureto Communicate with you to offer My Sincere Congratulations on your
landslide election victory in the recent Presidential Elections.
As you are now the 42nd President of the United States, We are particularly
Happy that it has been bestowed on you at this time..May your tenure in office be a
fruitful one, as We are anticipating that you will use your portfolio through
a heart of Love and Understanding to minister Equality and
Justice to the Black Suffering Masses and bring about
the long overdue Fulfilment of our Fundamental Freedom, Redemption and
International Repatriation to Africa/Ethiopia through Articles 1-15-30 of
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 55 and 56 of the
United Nations Charter.
I, President Emmanuel Charles Edwards, the only Comissioned Ambassador of
Emperor Haile Selassie IÐÒs Repatriation Network for the Blacks demand that
you, Mr. President, bring forth Justice for the Poor and Needy and the
Suffering Masses when you are officially inaugurated as President. Also the
prison door are to be opened and the Prisoners and Captives Set Free. These
are the same Black Innocent ones whom your predessors and Her Majesty Queen
Elisabeth II as Head of Commonwealth Secretariat have packed up in prisons
under such inhumane and brutal conditions.
I Demand these Legitimate Rights of My People and I through the laws of
Christ and Moses. I Am He who had sent to former Prime Minister the late Sir
Alexander Bustamante and former Premier the late Norman Manley of Jamaica
before they died as well as all Prime Ministers past and present, to send
Home My People and to Free Them Out of the brutal systematic policy of “X”
politics that they are under. All of these person have declined to do so.
Therefore, My Demand Currently is for you, Mr. President, to do so by
envoking Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth IIShe, her husband Prince Phillip,
her royal cabinet and other distinguished delegates, bowed to the Flags of
The Red, Gold and Green and the Red Black and Green along with the Black
Flag at Kings House in Jamaica in 1966. It was I who sent these Embles to
her while she was visiting KingsÐÒ House.
Prior to that in 1948-49, I visited the office of the Brigadier General of
the British Army at Up Park Camp in Jamaica to seek out the Rights of the
Suffering Slave Children. During such visit the Brigadier ran from his
office leaving I there and had to be retrieved by two high ranking officers.
According to Army protocol, he should not have run for whoever he left
behind becomes head of the Army and subsenquently, the country and the entire
British Crownhead….
I therefore

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