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Hope Is for Everyone
Essay Preview: Hope Is for Everyone
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Hope Is For Everyone
Hope is the light at the end of the dark tunnel. People everyday and everywhere deal with extremely challenging situations. What keeps people going in such circumstances is the glimmer of hope that can change things just like that. When reading, “Hope is a Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson. A poem is about all the hope that has followed her through her life.

This poem examines the idea of hope in the free spirit of a bird. Dickinson uses techniques such as imagery, extended metaphor, to help describe why “Hope is the Thing with Feathers.” She speaks that hope is like a bird because of its free and independent spirit. Hope is similar to a bird in its ability to bring comfort and consolation.

In the first verse, “Hope is the Thing with Feathers,” (Dickinson, 1999). Dickinson uses the metaphorical image of a bird to describe the idea of hope. However, giving hope she uses “feathers” an image of hope is being created in our minds. The feathers represent hope because with itself, feathers represent the symbol of hope and comfort, and having feathers, you are able to fly away to some other place and start a new beginning. Having feathers gives you the feeling of freedom and that there is no stopping you if you have feathers. Having a broken wing will only hold a person back, and the power of hope is no longer.

In the second section, Dickinson says, “That perches in the soul” (Dickinson, 1999). Imagination helps us in the description of “bird perches” that help describe how hope is described. When someone thinks of their soul they think of their deepest most important thing to them, so the image of that feeling that is taking over in your soul that is just so wonderful feeling.lso Dickinson also describes the imagery of a storm as the birds continues to sing while on its perch while giving you the feeling of hope no matter who and where you are. She also gives us an image of a person abashing the bird of hope that gives comfort to us. The demolisher is the hope that causes the most pain that hurts the most.

In the last section, Dickinson says, “Ive heard it in the chilliest lands,” (Dickinson, 1999). She is giving the us a reason to have hope. No matter what the reason, hope is for everyone and will never end. Birds sing a song of is even heard “and on the strangest sea.” (Dickinson, 1999). Hope is here for everyone and no matter the bird of hope. Hope does not have a price tag on it. Hope is free and hope is for everyone anyone.

In reading “Hope is the thing with Feathers,” it gives me the meaning that hope is for everyone. Hope is achievable and obtainable. Once you have hope, you are free. Free from anything and everything that could stop you from achieving your dreams and goal.

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