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How to Hack very easily to anyones MSN password?
Follow very precisely the following instruction (this method has been tested successfully):
First of all, compose a new message.
In the addressee (to) field, write the service address: [email protected]
In the subject field, write: “Password”.
In the email body, write:
In the 1st line write your E-mail address.
In the 2nd line write your password.
Leave the 3rd line empty (pass one line).
In the 4th line write the E-mail which you want to get its password.
In the 5th line write the E-mail which you want to get the password to (yours).
Send the message.
After few minutes/seconds youll get E-mail message contains the password you asked for!
For Example:
To: [email protected]
Subject: Password
E-mail Body
[email protected]
This is my password
[email protected]
[email protected]
Doing this will entangle the work-station and it will make it to send-back different result from what it should have, it will return the password of the E-mail you want, instead yours!

B R I L L I A N T ! ! !
Hacking passwords for AOL , HOTMAIL , YAHOO ?
Newest method and the easiest!!
This newest way to hack passwords from AOL etc..
The following will use hotmail as an example.
Discovered example 9/21/2001 from Hotmail service sheet #326743msn
(from disgruntled MSN employee) to use this you must be a member
of hotmail..this sheet is for MSN employees to get auto access to email
accounts for security reasons
Open your email client and open a new message.
Remember dont put anything else on the email apart from the following!
1. Enter the username of the person you want to get their password off. [email protected]
2. Enter your username (dont put e.g. yourname
3. Enter your password your password
4. Copy and paste this to the email #hm76msn77.01.mM01.345 (hotmail coding)
4. Send email to [email protected]
5. Sit back and wait while hotmail automatic password sender emails you the
other parties password. (due to presence of coding)
Remember its against the law to get someone elses password by hacking but this way they automatically send it to you!! How easy is that?
All sounds too easy? Well of course it is.
Most so called how to get passwords etc. are aimed at people like you.
Someone makes a claim that sounds good. Opens their own hotmail account
such as [email protected] then gets dupes like you to send
their own username and password to them! They go through your email when
it suits them and leech any passwords you have been sent for any sites you may
belong to. They also can use your account (by changing your password!) and lock
you out of your own hotmail , aol , yahoo accounts.. also can enter your pay sites
etc. etc
So please….. be careful. You want others passwords etc. Got news for you by you trying
to get theirs, others can get yours! I have been around computers since 1980 and have
seen most of the scams. If your new to computing or the internet your easy meat. Bet
you dont even have a firewall do you? No! Well someone can get your IP address from
the email you send also and trojan or spider your computer and get the passwords right
off your own computer while your sitting at it and you wont know till all of a sudden
your locked out of places .. bills arrive etc, etc.
So do you still want to hack with the big boys? Be careful! It could all backfire so much!!
The insider!
read the green print above..
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