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3. Identify a decision you made that had important unexpected consequences. Were the consequences good, bad, or both? Should you, and could you, have done anything differently in making the decision?I cant say that I have settled on a critical decision where startling results happened. For moments at present I am playing soccer with a broken wrist against my specialists requests and in the event that I fall on that wrist in any capacity then I will in all probability need surgery. Before I settled on this choice I had contemplated every one of the things that could turn out badly or right in the event that I did or did not play. In the event that I played I could hazard harming something else do to over pay, need surgery, play inadequately with the additional weight, or a few different things. I likewise made a rundown of the negatives and positives of playing and at last playing with a broken wrist won out. This is something I do with extremely vital choices that I make, which is the reason I cant review any situation that had a startling outcome.5. Recall a recent decision that you had difficulty making. Describe it in terms of the characteristics of managerial decisions. Well like expressed above I have as of late broken my wrist, in 3 puts, and have played soccer against the specialists recommendation. Obviously the danger on the off chance that I ought to fall would be surgery to repair bones and conceivable joint inflammation when more established, these are the customized choices. At that point the non-modified choices are the more mind boggling to clarify, for instance you cant impartially quantify the amount I need to play paying little heed to damage. I feel as if my conceivable danger was diagrams genuinely well in this circumstance and that there was an abnormal state of assurance in the data introduced given that nobody can foresee whats to come. The contention was between what I needed to do, what the specialist needed me to do, and what others needed me to do. I needed to play, the specialist needs me to hold up, and other people said this was a decision I needed to make all alone.8. Discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of using a group to make decisions. Give examples from your experiences. Advantages: get the chance to see a circumstance from an alternate perspective; no two individuals think the very same so along these lines no two individuals will dependably concoct the same arrangement. One individual may see a result another individual may have miss. For instance, when I broke my wrist I worked out an agenda of the great things that could happen in the event that I played and the terrible things, and afterward while bringing with my mentor he called attention to that a constructive would be that its cool to have individuals sign your cast. This is something I would have generally never have considered given that I never required a cast. Having individuals sign my cast may not be a major thing to search for as far as sketching out the future however in the event that the circumstance was something else that cast marking could be something that would have a much more noteworthy impact on whats to come. Disadvantages It takes more time for a gathering of individuals to think of an answer than it would for one individual. For instance take a gander at the pace congress works at, on the off chance that I was the main individual to banter about an issue I would dependably win and it would not take me long to concur with myself.

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