Bee Season by Myla Goldberg
Essay Preview: Bee Season by Myla Goldberg
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Bee Season
The strongest lesson from Bee Season by Myla Goldberg is parents should always give love to their children unconditionally, not base on the childs school performance. Saul, the father, used to give love to Aaron, Elizas older brother, because he was smart. However when Eliza showed her superior ability of spelling words, Sauls love went towards Eliza. Since Aaron felt lonely, he started to be interest to a different religious called Krsna.

The quotes on page 76 said “Aaron, you know how little time I have to prepare Elly for the nationals. This is a fantastic opportunity for her. I dont think its too much to ask that you respect this door, dont you? All the extra height from his growth spurt disappears. He is the size of a shoe.” This quotes support the lesson because it tells how Saul treats his children. Saul reveals that he wants to spend more time studying with Eliza for the national spelling bee than spending time with Aaron playing the guitar because Saul thought Elizas ability is much superior than Aarons. Aaron was very excited when Saul finally opened the door because he thought he could play the guitar with his father. But it turns out that Saul disagreed to play with Aaron. So Aaron was shocked and became very upset. He suffered as the result of his father not spending time with him.

In my conclusion, the point of this book is to show the reader that conditional love would make family problems. I believe that there are many families that are having the same problem.

Eliza misspelled “origami” on purposely because she doesnt want to be special toward her father anymore. So she hoped that her father give love to Aaron again. Also she wants her father give his love to her unconditionally. If I was Eliza with the same problem, I would do the same thing what she did. In this story, the daughter took courage to show her father what real love supposes to be. If you dont feel to get love from your parents in the way you are, you should take the courage to let them know that you want unconditional love.

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