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Night Chapter 1
In this chapter I felt scared and surprised, because they where taken Jews away from their ordinary lifes. They lived their lives not worrying about what was going on outside their town, thinking that they where safe and that the nothing would happen to them. How could they be so selfish to think that it would never happen to them, how could they not believe Mosche the Beadle when he warned them. I often wondered what they felt when they had to wear the star to identify them as Jews and how they felt when they where on their way to Auschwitz without knowing their fate?

Night Chapter 2
Just like in chapter one I wondered how they felt on their way to an unknown place. I felt sad for the lady who lost her husband because she was going crazy on the train. I was concerned for her mental state because she kept yelling “fire, fire” without there being a fire. Also how can someone be so ignorate to beat someone whos obviously not mentally stable so she could stop screaming. The climax was when they arrived at Aushctwitz, how did they feel?

Night Chapter 3
I was intrigued when they separated the men and the women, because
when they marched toward the cremetory I didnt know if they were going to die. My heart was pounding as they got closer, to then find out it was a cruel torture. They were all agitated to then be relieved. How can you scare someone with death and have no remorse in you? If I was in that situation I think I would of died before I got there. Especially since I cannot

imagine taking my own life before letting someone else take it away.
Night Chapter 4
In this chapter, I felt like its true when they say that its a small world. Elie found one of his former prisoner friend years later in France. This must of been an emotional moment, because they were remembering all those terrifying moments that they have lived. What was going through their minds? Did they want to remember their past? I felt an overwhelming feeling to know that someone that went through the same thing as you did, was still alive and remembered.

Night Chapter 5
A very decisive moment happened in this chapter during selection. I could only ask, What was the right way to look? Sure they were looking for weak ones but you never knew, what did Elie feel when his father was selected? I would only imagine his struggle with his wounded foot in the hospital, taking a risk to leave the hospital. I can only imagine their feelings after knowing that if they have stayed in the hospital they would have been liberated. I would of felt mad but at the sametime specticle because who would of known.

Night Chapter 6
Wow! Thats all i can really say. Would you be able to run

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