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March 18, 2008
With the dream of becoming an outstanding researcher in the field of electrodynamics, I came to UK. I need the University of Kentucky international student tuition scholarship to help me to make the dream come true.

My name is , and I am a transfer student from the China University of Mining and Technology. As a junior in Electrical Engineering, while I am getting familiar with my major, I realize that if you want to be success, first you must have the chance to nearby the successful people and the successful groups. That is why I came to the US for my bachelor degree. And this is my first year in the US, and it is all new life to me. There was a hard beginning of my board life, luckily I get used to the life here. The life has become as glorious as I thought before. And I am looking forward to more glorious life in future.

Last August I stepped onto American soil; onto the land of opportunity. Now I decided to apply for the graduate school here. I want to study with Professor J.J.Cathey whose research area includes “Electrical Machine Design and Analysis”. This subject requires me to have the knowledge of electric design and electromagnetic. I believe that research is the way to progress our world. I have chosen some courses related to these subjects, such as power system and electromagnetic. If I can continue graduate school here, I will get more valuable experience in the lab in which I can apply the knowledge I’ve learned in classes to the real world. After I get the Master’s degree I wish to become a researcher in the field of electrodynamics, especially in the branch of quantum electrodynamics whose application is very extensive; it can allow communication more confidential and efficient, can also decipher codes and be used in military. I want to work on this topic to make the computer be faster through inviting a new transmit system.

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