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Just about everyone wants a car but no one Wants to pay for gas well now thanks to technology we dont have to yes thanks to the discovery of the electronic car people can travel solely on the power of electricity but most people say that Unless some new type of battery is invented these electronic Car are nothing more than a dream but these are far more than a dream and very much so a part of reality But what does the future hold for these cars.

The five passenger ESX3 achieves 72 mpg, up two miles from the more aerodynamic ESX2. Its mild-hybrid or mybrid drive train takes a similar approach to that of both Ford and GM PNGV cars, mating a 1.5 liter, all aluminum direct-injection diesel engine to a 15 kilowatt electric motor. Like the Toyota Prius, the 106 pound lithium ion battery pack is wedged between the rear passenger seat and trunk which provides 16 cubic fee (450 liters) of cargo space.

An important component in of the ESX Mybrid system is its EMAT transmission system which utilizes two computer-controlled clutches. The EMAT system combines the smoothness of an automatic transmission with the added fuel efficiency of a manual. The driver sees the normal selection of park, drive, neutral and reverse.

One of the most remarkable features of the ESX3 Mybrid drive is its weight which is less than a conventional gasoline engine. The three-cylinder diesel weighs just 250 pounds (113kg) and the air-colored electric motor just 76 pounds (33kg).

Many people fancy electric vehicles because they had many advantages compared with petrol fueled vehicles. The benefits are:
* Quiet, Clean Driving Experience On a personal level, electric vehicles offer a quiet, fume-free, smooth driving experience. Since the motor does not operate when the vehicle is at a stop, an electric vehicle has no “idle” noises. When an electric vehicle is under power, the sounds are the soft sound of the motor and the tires rolling over the roadway.

* High Performance First-time electric vehicle drivers are consistently surprised by the quality of the electric vehicle driving experience. Electric vehicles provide fast acceleration by delivering power instantly to the wheels. By providing high torque at low speeds, they give a feel of smooth and quick responsiveness. Well-designed electric vehicles, like those produced by major auto companies, travel at speeds equivalent to conventional vehicles and offer all the same safety and high-performance features.

* Lower Operating Costs The per-mile fuel cost of operating an electric vehicle can be less than one-third that of a gasoline-powered car. The exact amount of savings depends on the local electricity rate which varies from utility to utility. In addition, electric vehicle owners say goodbye too many familiar maintenance costs-no more tune-ups, oil changes or muffler replacements.

* No Gas Stations one of the conveniences electric vehicle drivers like the most is that “Refueling” can be done easily and safely at home overnight, at work, or at public locations like shopping centers, where electric charging units have been installed.

* Environmentally Friendly Electric vehicles are todays zero-emission vehicles. They have no tailpipes and emit no pollutants. Instead of gasoline from oil refineries, electric vehicles get their “fuel” from electric power stations. Although power plants using fossil fuels do have emissions, power plant emissions generated for electric vehicle use are typically much lower than emissions from the comparable use of gasoline-powered cars. For power plants using renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydropower, no air pollution at all is created.

* Energy Security Australia and many other developed countries imports more than half the oil it uses, and the percentage is continuing to rise. Electric vehicles help lessen the countrys dependence on imported petroleum and reduce the national security concerns associated with that growing dependency.

When you look at the problems associated with batteries, you gain a different perspective on gasoline. Two gallons of gasoline, which weighs 15 pounds, costs .00 and takes 30 seconds to pour into the tank, is equivalent to 1,000 pounds of lead-acid batteries that cost ,000 and take four hours to recharge. The problems with battery technology explain why there is so much excitement around fuel cells today. Compared to batteries, fuel cells will be smaller, much lighter and instantly rechargeable. When powered by pure hydrogen, fuel cells have none of the environmental problems associated with gasoline. It is very likely that the car of the future will be an electric car that gets its electricity from a fuel cell. There is still a lot of research and development that will have

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