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Emf Case
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Before we begin, there is something that we should know about EMF. Actually, what are EMFs? EMFs are type of radiations which take forms in waves. Radiation is moving energy which is emitting out when it moves. EMFs have two types of energy, the first one is Natural EMFs and the second one is Artificial EMFs. Natural EMFs is a kind of radition which is produce by human and earth whereas, Artificial EMFs is a kind of radiation which is produced by human technologies such as hairdryer, cell phone, computer, etc. There are some effects that are caused by EM radiation. The effects include biological effects, harmful effects, life-threatening, etc. Biological effect is a disease which attacks cells and tissues. Life threatening disease is a disease which could kill or threaten the life of people. Then, harmful effect is an effect which causes a dangerous disease but it is not as dangerous as life-threatening disease.

There are two types of EMFs, the first one is electric field and the second one is magnetic field. Both of them are dangerous but magnetic field is more dangerous than electric field. Besides, their systems and characteristics are different. Electric field is produced or created by electric charges or force of electricity but, magnetic field is created by moving electric or electric current. Electric field occurs when the gadget or appliance is plugged in whereas, magnetic field occurs when the gadget or appliance is operating or working. By using metal that cover room or house, electric field can be blocked or prevented but, it is not working to magnetic field because it can penetrate steel. Besides, it is very hard to shield or blocked. Electric field is measured in units of hertz whilst, magnetic field is measured in units of gauss (G). But, their similarity is that they are invisible and silent. Inside of EMFs, it is found light particles which are called photons. When EMFs contain photons, their movements are similar to a wave pattern which moves at the speed of light. The amount of photons in EMFs determines three types of EM radiation; they are energy, wavelength and frequency. Energy is measured in electron volts, wavelength is measured in meters and frequency is measured in cps or cycles per second. But, the strength of EMF only depends in wavelength and frequency (energy is not included). EMF could be greater when the wavelength is shorter. There are three types of wavelength, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), Radio Frequency Radiation (RF) and Microwave Radiation. ELF or Extreme Low Frequency is the lowest rate of wavelength. Because it is the lowest so it should have the longer wavelength than the other. It comes from 50 to 60 hertz power lines. Next, RF or Radio Frequency Radiation is a quite high level of wavelength. It comes from cell phones, cordless phones, mobile phones, mobile antennas, broadcast towers, electrical security systems, sonar and many more. Last, Microwave Radiation is the shortest wavelength and it is an example of a very high level of RF or Radio Frequency Radiation. It is very dangerous to humans and other living things.

Many people did not believe about the effects of EMF radiation, they say that EMF radiation is not dangerous without any evidences. Actually, the thing that they said is wrong. Because there are many evidences from many experts who said that EMF radiation could cause

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