Satisfaction and Efficacy of the Course Taught at Nas Pensacola
Problem Statement
Command – X currently conducts a weeklong training course called the Division Officer Leadership Training Course (DIVOLC) to better prepare junior officers to manage and lead a division of sailors on their first sea tour. The course is designed as a facilitation course of a wide array of subjects designed to stimulate conversation between students about leadership and management styles. In addition, students are presented with situations and dilemmas that can occur in the course of their duties as division officers.

The course that is given at NAS Pensacola, Florida is taught almost exclusively to student naval aviators and student naval flight officers. Most student naval aviators and naval flight officers wait approximately three to four months before starting the aviation indoctrination course, which is the first course taught in flight school. Higher authority has made it a requirement for all students to complete this course prior to completing flight school and joining an operational squadron. In an effort to make use of this waiting period, higher authority schedules all students are required to complete this course prior to starting the aviation indoctrination course.

The media material used for the course is also quite dated and does not reflect situations that typically do not occur in Naval Aviation. Instead, most instructional media material is geared toward towards the surface warfare community of the Navy. While both communities are part of the same Navy, there are many different ways, means, and norms between warfare communities in the Navy.

For the purposes of this research, the group desires to know the usefulness of the training given, and whether or not moving this course to

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