Effects of Collaborative Approach Versus Focused Learning
Effects of Collaborative Approach Versus Focused Learning Michael RamsaranUniversity of Maryland University CollegeEffects of Collaborative Approach Versus Focused Learning Incorporating a collaborative approach to learning creates a direct channel to new information and also provide a means for immediate awareness. Changes in IT since the early 1990’s boom has caused an influx of demands and challenges which requires more than just one team’s involvement to make informative decisions. Often times, I have seen challenges separated into different groups. For example, a security vulnerability identified and addressed only by security team. In order to effectively solve a problem, I feel there should be critical thinking from various viewpoints to fully understand the problem and a communication platform established across multiple departments.  Understanding a problem and working through the issue should be viewed how computers, systems, and technology operate- separate but working in conjunction. Computers work with various other parts to identify an issue- network card rendering error to the CPU and thoughtful troubleshooting can be done- windows operating system repairing the issue. I feel as though the same approach should be applied to learning in the workplace.In opposition, focused learning is learning everything there is to know about one’s position and honing their efforts on just that one area. It presents some benefits, such as applying expertise and being able to draw conclusions quickly and effectively. This alleviates the time taken to identify, research, and implement. A focused approach is hugely beneficial in a break fix situation but doesn’t hold as much weight in a root cause environment. For example, if a vulnerability is identified and addressed by one person on the development team, the resolution may get stored away in a ticketing system or database never to be analyzed again. However, what happens if the person who identified the issue and resolved it leaves the company?Cross-training and collaborative approaches to learning in the workplace can positively impact the organization not only by keeping multiple parties involved but also gaining insight from other members that can provide valuable contributions to the issue at hand. Another benefit from a collaborative learning approach can be seen in a situation where a ticket comes into a helpdesk for Google Chrome appearing to have “strange behavior”. Members from the security team are usually up-to-date on trending issues and events, so if the helpdesk sends it through a distribution list, the security team may already know of the vulnerability and educate the helpdesk on root cause, analysis, and remedies.

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