Launch of a New Product
Essay Preview: Launch of a New Product
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Effectiveness of Personal Selling:
In order to attain organizational goals and target objectives Personal selling plays an important role along with all the other promotional mix techniques.

There are certain advantages which makes Personal all so more appropriate and influential and certainly by adding it to the promotional mix strategies helped companies to apply push strategy through their sales force. Few of them are:

Personalized messages make DM more persuasive;
DM technology allows collection of useful data;
DM results are measurable and ROI can be calculated;
Convenient purchase process & delivery mechanisms add value to product.
There is no doubt that personal selling requires trained workforce who has the ability to influence the buying purchasing pattern. If we analyze personal selling a lot more closely well see that communicating directly to the customers can better help you attain your objectives in the long run. Along with that personal selling is less costly as compare to other promotion mix strategies such as PR, Advertising, sales promotion etc.

Personal selling requires a certain process which is essential in creating a stable communication between the consumer and seller, thus creating customer loyalty.

Providing product information;
Creating sales;
Retaining & strengthening customer relations;
Developing leads/ generating traffic.
Personal selling is basically done to maintain a healthy and profitable relationship with the customers in the long run to increase their revenue. Personal selling gives birth to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which gives personal selling an extra edge over other promotional mix techniques. CRM has resulted from improved management of information contained in customer databases and as well as identifying the companys most talked about, & treating them better create brand ambassadors & advocates. Advertisers use Personal selling in Consumer & B2B categories as part of their promotional programs.

Personal Selling Strategies:
Personal selling influences buying behavior more than any other promotional strategy because in this channel you are directly communicating to the buyer and their buying behavior pattern, repeat purchases occur when personal selling is effective and this is done through a process which includes:

Targeting: the best prospects of DM are current customers. Criteria for selection:

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