Tv Vs. Newspapers
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What is More Effective TV or Newspapers
Reading a newspaper is more effective as a provider of important information than TV. With TV news you have certain times that you must tune in, such as twelve or ten oclock news, to catch what is going on in the world today. And even when you do catch the news a those designated time slots on TV they show what people want to see rather than what they need to know to better TV ratings. With TV it is easy to grab the attention of their audience but hard to keep it for an entire show, losing its effectiveness as a provider of important information.

One of the main reasons I choose that reading a newspaper over watching television to the get pertinent information is because on television you only get 30 seconds to a minute for each story covered. Also if you have distractions in your house you can easily miss out on the half of the key story you wanted to watch. But with a newspaper there is no time limit on when you get to read the article and you can review the article as many times as you need to fully understand the story Even though a newspaper is not as flashy and eye catching as TV, it is more convenient. You can easily roll a newspaper up and travel any you want to go and once you settle down and relax, open up the newspaper and begin reading up on the events happened or about to occur. There is one component that TV has over a newspaper that will never change and that is the ability to do a live report and have to most updates as soon as they happen. But overall newspapers have the advantage over TV when it comes to providing the most important information.

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