Group Communication Evaluation
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Group Communication Evaluation
Communication is a vital tool for effective group management and performance. It ensures that every group that embraces it has high work output and performances in a stipulated area of jurisdiction. Through effective communication, members in a group or team find an effective way of knowing each another’s strengths and weaknesses and better ways of improving them. This paper will make use of effective group communication to respond to a criterion for effective job application.

Conflict Resolution
In our group structure, conflict is always inevitable and difficult to prevent. This is because each and every member of the group possess different personalities and attitudes. However, as an effective group member, conflict resolution is one of the best ways of keeping the group intact and merging forward as one.

I have used the five steps of conflict resolution to help me manage the group. The main theme in resolving the conflicts that may occur is through proper communication. In which each and others concern is heard and effective judgment is done. This is done by identifying what caused the conflict then looking for possible extra causes of the conflict. Finding of possible solutions to change the situation is then followed by the solution identification. When done effectively, an agreement will be reached for the unification of the conflicting members.

This is one of the qualities that a leader and anyone must possess. It includes the treatment and judgment of others fairly without any form of discrimination regardless of the person’s religion or gender. Inequity leads to biases and high levels of unfairness in a societal setup. Looking at each one’s personalities and attitudes in the group, it is essential to give one another time to express their feelings and concerns without judging one another. This makes communication between members in a group very effective. Equity also promotes mutual respect among members thus leading to reduced cases of conflicts in a group setup.

Leveraging Group Member Skills
This involves the recognition of the skills and strengths each member possesses. Through these skills, various fruitful contributions can be made to ensure that the group prospers to a higher level. These skills may include being assertive, submissive and the art of being innovative and creative. Through the capitalization of these skills, the productivity of the group increases. In the case of the group, I possess qualities and skills that other group members do not have, this makes me better in some areas than them. On the other hand, Jake has a skill that is not found on the team members, this makes him better and an asset towards the group improvement.

Time Management
This includes proper use of time for doing the intended purpose of a group. When time is not managed properly, the goals of any organization or group will not be achieved. Proper time management is always accompanied by proper planning by members. This includes a proper arrangement of steps to be followed when undertaking a certain project to avoid unnecessary confusion among the members. Time management includes the setting of one’s goals and the identification of a proper system of time management. The elimination and avoiding of certain habits that may lead to improper time management must be done. This is the followed by properly restructured timetables that include breaks for the work to be done.

This enables each and every group member to recognize and accept each other’s experience and diversity towards achieving the goals of the group. Values may include trustworthiness, respect, kindness, and creativity. In our groups’ case, each group member possesses certain value that contributes to the organizational goal achievement. Bobby possesses a value that makes him more assertive as the group’s team leader. Marvin is creative and innovative as compared to other group members while Jake is very good at doing research which makes him possess the value of achievement and leadership. When all these values are combined and enforced towards the achievement of group goals, there will be a realization of high group output among members.

Working Cooperatively
It promotes unity in the achievement of certain goals in a company or group. After proper planning by each and every member of a group set up, collective employment of duties is done to help in the distribution of the goals to each and every member in relation to their strengths and skills. This enables easier and faster division of labor among the member of a group. Through the understanding the complexity related to some kind of duties, cooperation is a major tool for eliminating the complexity of duties. This will ensure the effective application of methods and skills required to perform certain tasks. Working cooperatively can only take place with proper planning and division of labor among group members.

The factors discussed in this paper inhibits tools for proper organizational output and communication. Every group setup must adhere to the factors to realize success. When these factors are not considered, the realization of group goals may not be achieved. Working cooperatively can only be realized when there exists respect of others values, proper management and planning and the use of proper conflict resolution techniques.

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