Effective Delegation
Essay title: Effective Delegation
This paper will attempt to show what skills are necessary for effective delegation, and how the managers of the authors organization uses delegation in his or her management responsibilities. The paper will also attempt to show how delegation could be used more effectively within the four functions of management in that same organization. Through delegation managers combine task responsibilities and the authority needed to carry out tasks in the organization. The author will also discuss some advantages of delegation as well as the issue of poor delegation.

What is delegation? According to Bateman, delegation “is the assignment of authority and responsibility to a subordinate at a lower level.” (Bateman et al, 2004). By delegating to others this frees up the manager to devote more energy to higher-level activities. These activities can be controlling and leading. “Delegation is perhaps the most fundamental feature of management, because it entails getting work done through others.” (Bateman et al, 2004).

Delegation In A County Jail
In a county jail setting there are several types of managers. These are the jail administrator, the assistant administrator, the county commissioners, the sheriff and his deputies as well as the officers from the local police departments. The management in a county jail setting uses delegation in several ways. One such way occurs when an officer or deputy brings in an inmate for a crime he or she have committed. The officer then delegates the responsibility of getting that inmate to court to the jailer, depending on the seriousness of the crime. Another way is for management to give the jailers authority to

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discipline an inmate for wrong doing. The author also delegated by having her sub-ordinates pass out canteen, commissary, and razors. Canteen and commissary are personal hygiene and snack items that the inmates purchased. The author was delegated to by her manager in the sense she was put in charge of planning monthly meetings and training sessions.

Delegation And The Functions of Management
In the authors organization there is not much planning or organizing that takes
place. The only planning that is done is for the monthly meetings and for all training sessions. Training has to be scheduled at different times in order for all employees to attend, because all employees can not attend at the same time. If this was to happen the jail would be unguarded. Organizing only takes place when an inmate needs a doctors appointment scheduled or sometimes is granted a special visit.

Management leads the sub-ordinates by teaching them the proper policies and procedures. This function coincides with planning, because the training is how the employees are taught. They are also given a manual which contains all policies as well as state laws that governs the county jails.

Controlling takes place because management delegates the authority and responsibility of the inmates to the jailers. The staff controls all the inmates activities to ensure no crime is committed while they are incarcerated. With the use of controlling it can also ensure that there are few (if any) escapes. Although, in this type of business most of the work that is done uses common sense to complete.

Skills Necessary For Effective Delegation
According to Bateman, there are six skills necessary for effective delegation. The
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first is to define the goal at hand. This step requires that the manager have a clear understanding of what he or she wants to achieve. (Bateman et al, 2004). Secondly, would be to select a person for the job. The manager needs to make sure that this person is capable of performing the task. He or she also needs to make sure the sub-ordinate has a clear understanding of what is to be accomplished. Third, would be to get the sub-ordinates views about suggested approaches. This step makes the appointed person feel needed and useful as well as feel like his or her opinions matter. Fourth, the sub-ordinate needs to be

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