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Effective Business Communication in the Administrative Field
Effective Business Communication in the Administrative FieldVicky A. AntcliffGrand Rapids Community CollegeTable of ContentsAbstract        3Effective Business Communication in the Administrative Field        4Skills Needed for an Office Administrator        4Effective Communication        5Listening Skills        5Speaking Skills        6Conclusion        7References        8Abstract        This paper will be covering the listening and speaking skills needed for effective communications in the administrative field. Research was done online and offline through an interview with Denise O’Neal, who is an Administrative Assistant at Andy Mast Greenhouses. Effective Business Communication in the Administrative FieldEffective communication at work can save a lot of misunderstandings. Many common mistakes relate to not understanding our co-workers or employers. Poor communication can lead to lack of information, poor performance and productivity, frustration, unmotivated employees, increased staff turnover, and even possible lawsuits. Also the general public must be provided adequate information to help them make better decisions and identify opportunities that could improve their quality of life. (Delfin, 2006) It might seem simple, but communicating effectively takes a bit of skill. Choosing the right words, listening with our minds instead of just our ears, and getting our message across are skills that everyone should work on. Learning more effective communication skills, such as listening and speaking skills, is not complicated.Skills Needed for an Office Administrator One must have numerous business skills in a variety of areas such computer skills, office skills, and communications skills, as well as leadership skills and qualities. (Simpson, 2010) Because an office administrator deals with the day-to-day operations, recordkeeping skills, taking inventory, and supervising other employees are absolutely necessary to this position. Office administrators also need to have time management skills, effective problem solving skills, team leadership, and conflict management. One must use these skills to ensure that the business is ran effectively on a daily basis. This involves the ability to communicate with the companys employees, business clients, and office visitors that may come in contact with the business. (ONeal, 2015)

Effective CommunicationWhy is communication important? In any organization communication is a very essential tool in administration. Some advantages to effective communication are: conflicts are reduced, stronger relationships between management and employees, jobs get done in a timely manner, keeps everyone motivated, etc. To prevent small conflicts from blowing up into major disasters, nip issues in the bud right away. Let employees know from the start that your door is always open. Reassure them to come to you by creating a safe environment in which they feel comfortable honestly and openly voicing their issues or problems. All conversations should remain completely confidential. Listening SkillsOne of the most common communication problems is listening. Listening skills need to be changed to adjust to the changes in technology. We live in a world that has the presence of constant communication, with cell phones, text messaging, and e-mail being regular parts of our lives. With all of the instant communication around us, are we losing the message because we arent listening properly? (Richardson, 2007)Having good face-to-face listening skills is important to physical interaction with others. So is having good listening skills when it comes to conferences over a computer or webcam. It is important to make sure that your listening skills are of high quality no matter what the method you are using to communicate.Do not allow distractions to interfere in understanding the message of the speaker. Make eye contact and put the speakers words first.Speaking SkillsPart of effective communication at work is being able to speak accurately and get your point across to your listeners. It would be nice to assume that your audience will be listening to you and will be practicing listening skills perfectly, but the reality is that not all people have good listening skills. Adjusting your speaking skills to face the challenge of people with poor listening skills is important.

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