Cause and Effect of Television
Individual Assignment 4: Invention of the TelevisionDonna HawkinsEnglish Composition II (ENGL102-1601B)Prof. Mark WallaceMarch 6, 2016Invention of the TelevisionTelevision is an amazing type of mass correspondence. A huge number of individuals tune in consistently to watch the news, reality programs of famous people, or his or her most loved soap operas and other television series. Television furnishes individuals with a bigger comprehension of the society in which we live. It can give instructive material on how to do a certain project, such as renovate a house to instruct a child on how to read. One of the main reasons for the invention of television can be said it was for the news about world events that takes place. It can advance incredible causes like Hope for third world countries, as well as keep society abreast of the political take in the country in which we live. As a type of mass correspondence, Television does have some effect on people’s lives. This paper will discuss the history of television, as well as explain the cause and effect of the invention of the television.History of Television When it comes to researching who invented the television, many people were to add to the list of putting their handy work to bringing live pictures to the world. According to Cyber College, “The primary all-electronic TV writing computer programs was dispatched by the BBC from Alexandra Palace in London in 1936. RCA officially appeared the telecasting so as to thing called TV in the United States parts of 1939 New York Worlds Fair. This incorporated a discourse by President Franklin Roosevelt. The principal TV collectors had 13 cm (5 inch) screens and highly contrasting pictures. They cost about a large portion of the cost of a vehicle.” Before long, six Television stations were reporting in real time in the U.S., and numerous more were being developed. As Television turned out to be more well known, new Television sets were made that were less costly and with bigger screens. ” On July 1, 1942, CBS propelled 15 hours of week by week programming, including two 15-minute, Monday through Friday broadcasts, and NBC station telecast the Dodger-Phillie ball game, complete with a Bulova watch business.” (CyberCollege). Over time the television sets have become bigger, thinner, and cheaper. From having the huge box, to the projection screen that can be shown on the wall. However, the invention of the television did more than just bring the news and the various television shows.Cause and Effects        Looking at the television as a whole, you can see that it is very information and entertaining at the same time. As stated earlier our society looks forward in coming home and catching their favorite reality show and to catch the news to see what is going on. There was a time in the past when the television would shut off a certain time. Now the television will broadcast 24 hours a day. Not only are you being entertain, but there are several shopping networks that enables people to purchase things without leaving their homes. Having the cable corporations attached to the television industry the younger generation that are college bound has the ability to sit in their living rooms and do various college tours. There is the ability to partake in employment searches.

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