The Effect of Development of Internet Technology
Most people probably can say that the internet has been a notable technology for humans during the past ten years, and it would be hard for them to live without the internet. Actually, the changes that the internet has brought on the daily lives of human beings are enormous. Development of technologies or the appearance of new technologies can affect peoples quality of life. For example, through the internet, people can become smarter, make their lives more convenient, and share their cultures and interactions among people in the world.

The first positive effect is that the internet makes people smarter through the accessibility of a lot of information. Due to this technology, people can easily get a lot of various and useful information off the internet and it makes people smarter. As a result, developing internet technology may have strong effects on improving the quality of peoples lives. For example, people, especially shoppers, have changed from ignorant or foolish shoppers to smart and wise shoppers because of information through the internet such as prices and qualities about items that they want to buy. Another example is that people easily get a lot of useful information in a variety of areas such as the economy, news, history, sports, health, and current social issues; moreover, people can see some comments or articles from personal ideas or opinions about each issue through blogs. Those ideas or opinions sometimes come from experts of each area, and the information from them may offer people various and useful knowledge of different areas. This acquisition of knowledge can affect the qualities of peoples lives positively; furthermore, the internet technology is at the heart of this tendency.

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